Learning Guidance - Susan Hara
Susan Hara, Educational Therapist and Writing Coach, offers one-on-one instruction and coaching that focuses on reading and writing strategies by using hands-on, multi-sensory learning methods
 Reading & Writing Strategies
for Students of All Ages

  • The Writing Process—Learn the entire writing process, from Pre-Writing: organizing your thoughts by note-taking, mapping, and drawing strategies; to Drafting: writing down sentences and paragraphs to create a rough draft; to Revising: polishing the language until it shines, including editing for grammar, spelling, and punctuation; to Publishing—whether that means sharing it with friends and family, typing it up, posting it online, or getting it published in a book or magazine

  • Handwriting—Master printing and/or cursive with the Handwriting without Tears method

  • Reading—Learn phonetic strategies for sounding out words, fluency skills for reading with more accuracy, and specific activities for in-depth reading comprehension

  • Spelling, Punctuation, & Grammar—Learn the rules and patterns of the English language as well as memory hooks, or mnemonics, for remembering and applying the rules

  • Organizational Skills—Build executive function skills by learning strategies for time management, paper management, goal-setting, and task-completion

Location:1102 Sanchez, between 24th and Jersey Streets, in San Francisco

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